Saturday, June 28, 2008

Political Research: Day 4
This site is the Meet the Press Homepage. It provides a broad range of opinions about all of the various topics involved in the presidential election. There are biased opinions on the website, but both republicans and democrats are represented throughout the site. Through the links, you can find experts talking about different stances the candidates take on certain issues, and they give you a good idea about what impact these stances will have on the United States.
This is NBC's Decision '08 page. The page consists of links about the most recent updates in the presidential election. Through this site, you can see where the candidates are speaking, and what they are speaking about. There are also links to help voters in their decision making. This is supposed to be an unbiased site, but I am sure some articles lean toward one candidate or the other.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Political Research: Day 3
This is portion of John McCain's website is a blog in which McCain's campaign members post current information about John McCain. There is information on his policies and latest news events. This site is going to be biased because they want you to vote for McCain. It is also written as a blog- which means it is more like a diary than a place you would get facts.
This site is the 2004 Republican Party Platform. It discusses the opinions of the Republican party, and gives a call to action about what should be accomplished. This document is from the last election, but gives people who don't know much about the Republican party a good idea about what they stand for. It is factual, but they are trying to persuade their readers to agree with their opinions.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Political Research: Day 2

Another great website I found this week was Barack Obama's website:

This website is a great source of information for people looking to find out more about Barack Obama. You can learn about him, his stance on issues, find out what you can do, and they even include recent news stories about Barack. He also includes links to his Facebook, YouTube, MySpace and more websites. Obviously, this site is biased, because Barack wants votes, and he would not put anything negative about himself on his own site, but it does give you a good idea about who he wants to be seen as.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Political Research: Day 1

Today was the first day of research for our upcoming project. Today I was very busy looking up websites and trying to find different places to find out about the candidates. My teacher said that they have to be good sources, so I can't use things like Wikipedia, or a blog that someone created, because I don't know if they are posting the truth.
So far, I have found:

I think it's a pretty good start. I will evaluate the websites before I can start reading about which candidate I like the best.